Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Some of my friends are going somewhere study.I will say Congratulations!You're totally awesome
Result SPM tak kluar lag dah p study.perghhh <--my typical reaction

Still the same talk.about going to further their study to somewhere before the result

This is the only place i didn't find any conversation,post or anything related about it :)

Frankly i said i'm a little bit jelly with them.How awesome they are to be so early to further their study BEFORE SPM RESULT :O
Me. I still stuck at home with all those insecurity,confusion of what to do, over-thinking about everything, no aim in my life;
 I'm just like a bear sitting on the bed thinking what will happen to me in future.Every single day i will think the same question again again again and again
I'm getting bored of it but i still repeat it. 

I'm very confused for some people that they go in to certain place that i don't even know they're actually exist and they already making their advertisement since last year.whoaa
Maybe it's my wrong because i'm being so tak tahu apa kebenda yg jadi dkt dunia luar :\

But i still feel proud for my friends yah yg will going somewhere :D see how good they are.
I always pray the best for them.Always hee
Be good at there and take care buddy!

life goes on and i'll be waiting for LE RESULT
and until that day i'll be absolutely serabut serabai